Introducing Jones Motorhome Rentals

Graham & Julie

Hello all, the best way to describe us?

We are lovers of all things to do with Motorhomes, whether its traveling around our wonderful country visiting all of our magnificent locations, sunning on our sandy beaches, hanging under some of our beautiful trees and checking out the local Cafe for that handy coffee, to name just a few of the things we love to do ... New Zealand is our land and we are super proud of what we have, we get really enthusiastic about introducing our beautiful land to others.

Nigel was our first Motorhome which was purchased over two years ago, we loved it so much that Stan and Mavis have now joined the JONES MOTORHOME family. Stan is our six berth which is super comfortable for families, Nigel is the four berth and Mavis the two berth, fab for couples.

Our WHY? Our why is people ... introducing people to our beautiful country, showing families the joy of Motorhoming, chatting to others on our journeys ... we love our why ...


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