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Explore New Zealand? YOU BET

We often get asked where are the best camping spots, how do I know where to dump our waste or even how do I find out about deals at camping grounds? I always refer travelers to CamperMate, one of New Zealand's most popular travel accessories and is made for exploring.

I find this APP really useful especially when deciding on where to stay for the night, looking at the pictures and comments that relate to a camping spot are always a priority with us, I love that the APP hooks directly into Google Maps as well, takes us straight to the spot.

This handy APP takes priority on my mobile home screen, and is a valuable resource when traveling, I am always looking at Things to Do and saving to My Favorites, I love checking out what deals are available so looking at Nearby Deals is of value.

If you are heading out exploring our beautiful country this APP is a must, apparently there are 100,000 point of interest, 200,000 tips and reviews within the app.

The video below gives a good run down on how the APP works.

Cheers, Julie



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