Pack for your Motorhome trip!

In general renting a campervan is similar to renting a holiday apartment. Depending on the type of campervan, the season and on how long you'll be away on your campervan vacation, the requirements about what you need and what you should pack differ considerably.

Bedroom: Some of the rental campervans come with linen, bedding and towels. To be on the safe side you should check this before you book your motorhome.
Storage: As you will have limited storage capacities pack your clothes and belongings in a soft bag or backpack, not a big hard suit case that will be difficult to store.

Some other necessities you should consider to pack:
  • adapter plugs
  • a torch
  • a beach towel of course
  • pharmaceuticals (sunscreen, sandfly repellent etc., painkiller (just in case))
  • if you are an international traveller remember to pack your international driver’s license
  • music for the road
  • some DVDs (some campervans come with TVs & DVD players)
  • navigation system

Usually the campervan kitchens are fitted with a standard 2-3 burner gas cooktop, a fridge and some basic kitchen utensils water glasses, pots, kettles, ...
Your first trip once you've picked up your campervan should usually lead directly to a supermarket. Keeping in mind that you won't have much storage and not your usual sized fridge and stove, you should aim to buy food for easy camper cooking such as one pot meals or salads.

Things you might need from the supermarket:
  • bin bags
  • dishwashing liquid
  • spices
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • tee
  • toilet paper

[article thanks to ShareaCamper ]


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